Positive ROI

Results you can take to the bank (Positive ROI).


An Evolution Workforce wellness program produces profitable results by solving problems that keep your business from moving ahead.

  • Employee health and morale.
  • Soaring health care costs.
  • Presenteeism  (defined as any physical or emotional setback that compromises an employee’s efficiency in your workplace).
  • High turnover.

Slash your health care costs.

The cost of health care has skyrocketed by more than 63% in less than ten years. Roughly 70% of that cost is incurred by simple, preventable health problems—like high blood pressure, weight gain, smoking, -that could be dramatically reduced, or even eliminated through our focused wellness training.

Minimize turnover. Maximize your savings.

A healthy, supportive work environment replaces stress with high employee morale and productive energy. As a result, enormous turnover costs (which can be as much as 200% of an employee’s annual salary) become a problem of the past. And suddenly your company is in the spotlight for new business prospects and top quality personnel.


Watch your ROI climb.

Do the math and consider the enormous ROI advantages, and you’ll see why an Evolution Workforce wellness program is an investment you really can’t ignore.

Consider the fact that successful wellness programs cite anywhere from 5-1 to over 6-1 positive ROI through lower health costs, reduced turnover and improved productivity.

Then ask yourself, can you afford to miss this opportunity?







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